Close up Magic

Close up magic has become very popular and is the most engaging and interactive type of performance. Whether seated or standing, groups of around ten people (usually) each get a personalised show where they are involved in the performance, a coin may appear in their hand, or their wedding ring may levitate in midair.

From an event planners perspective however, the best part about close up magic is it's adaptability. Close up magic can be used in virtually any location from a hot air balloon to a submarine, it has no technical set up or limitations and has the most negligible of health and safety considerations. Entertainment that is this hands on and low maintenance is perfect for guests and organisers alike.

Stage magic

Perfect for entertaining larger groups (100 +) this performance is obviously done to everyone at the same time and feels like more of a 'show' compared to the more organic and spontaneous feel of close up magic. It takes a bit more consideration logistically with scheduling, lighting and PA, but the extra effort is often worth it.


Dan has presented at a wide range of events, as a compere, conference host, MC, toastmaster, unique keynote speaker, spokesman at product launches and awards host. Usually not using any magic, Dan draws upon his many years of experience as a performer to set people at ease by being funny, engaging and energetic.


If you want an alternative team building idea a magic workshop is a great idea. Each delegate will leave being able to perform one or a series of tricks, as well as having enjoyed an action packed session.

Dan also provides workshops on 3 of his obsessions: memory skills, body language or persuasive presentations. A mixture of scientific research and 'in the trenches' experience makes these workshops informative and massively practical, and perfect for sessions at a conference or team day.