Corporate Social Responsibility is something usually considered only by larger organisations. However it is probably the best term to describe a combination of philanthropy, charitable work, and operating responsibly.


Ten percent of annual profits are donated to charitable causes, 3 main categories are supported, Relief organisations such as the DEC and the Red Cross. Medical research and action like Macmillan, GOS and Cancer Research. And some smaller, localised charities such as Shelter and Battersea Dogs home. Dan also supports many charities by performing at fundraising events for a reduced rate.

Carbon Neutral

Except in extenuating circumstances the office is 100% paper free, this includes travel documents, invoices and all correspondence. UK travel is predominately done by train, which is the most environmentally friendly (well, after walking cycling and swimming of course!). Wherever possible carbon footprint is offset (calculated by VCS) by investments in new forestry and hydroelectricity projects. The current energy mix is partly powered by solar energy and the goal is for the entire office to be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2016.